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Switchgear Limited formerly known as Switchgear and Controls Limited was established in 1974 as a pioneer in the manufacture and supply of Low Voltage Distribution Boards, Motor Control Panels, Power Factor Correction Panels, Automatic Mains Failure Panels, Control Desks, PLC and Instrumentation Panels among many other electrical components.

Having a rich and marvelous history of more than four decades in the industry, we are able to say that we have a vast wealth of experience in the Electro Mechanical Industry.

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Our Core Values

As the preferred electrical switchboard manufacturer in Kenya, we are recognised for providing high quality products to meet both electrical standards and project deadlines and in accordance with customer’s satisfaction.

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Switchgear Ltd.

Our Manufacturing

For all boards, the manufacture process is as follows:

  1. Design Office, where the design and detailed drawings are produced,
  2. Fabrication Shop, where the steel enclosures are manufactured
  3. Washing and Paint Shop, where the latest powder epoxy coating methods are used.
  4. Assembly and Electrical Workshop.
  5. Stores and Dispatch.

At the commencement of a Project, our experienced staff will ensure an efficient design and that all Client requirements are met. The design covers the complete preparation of all steelwork and electrical drawings necessary for the manufacture of the steel enclosures and the wiring of the panel.

Drawings are developed using EPLAN the latest CAD package for Electrical Drawings and archived for future reference.

On approval of the drawings the steel enclosures, using zinc enriched mild steel are manufactured. Each piece is precision laser cut and punched on the CNC machine. It is then bent accurately on CNC bending machines.

The switchboard sections are then passed through the passivation and pickling tanks to remove any surface rust and grease. Painting is by means of electrostatic powder coating using polyurethane powder and baked to ensure a durable finish. Curing time in the oven is programmed automatically to ensure a correct baking time for the coating.

The panels are then assembled and bolted to their frames. They then move on into the electrical assembly area and workshop. Here the electrical equipment and busbars are installed, wring is completed, and instrumentation added


During the complete manufacture process inspections are carried out and signed off before moving onto the next stage of assembly.

On completion of the wiring and assembly each panel undergoes various tests to ensure that the switchboards comply with the applicable BS standards. Insulation tests up to 2.2 kilo volts are carrieded out.

Our products fully comply with BS 61439 and carry the KEBS standardisation mark. The standards are applicable to all low voltage switchgear and control gear

Our Products & Services

    Our Projects

    The Preferred Electrical Switchboard
    Manufacturer in Kenya

    Switchgear offers a well-balanced mix of engineering skills and expertise in today’s advancing technological World. Coupled with our understanding of the African continent’s Electro Mechanical and Infrastructural needs, puts us in a position to overcome the challenges of infrastructure and industrial project delivery in Africa.

    We have provided numerous switchboards for commercial and industrial projects all over East and Southern Africa. These range from Hotels, Apartment Blocks, Schools, Hospitals, Industrial Factories, Water Supplies, Water Treatment Plants, Housing developments, power stations, solar energy, Petro-chemical projects.

    We are one of the leading switchboard and motor control centre manufacturers in Kenya with a huge clientele base from all industries.

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